moan1 [məun US moun] v
1.) [I and T] informal
to complain in an annoying way, especially in an unhappy voice and without good reason
'I feel seasick already,' she moaned.
moan about
A lot of people moaned about the parking problems.
moan at BrE
My mum never stops moaning at me.
moan that
He's always moaning that we use too much electricity.
He moaned and groaned all the way there.
to make a long low sound expressing pain, unhappiness, or sexual pleasure
= ↑groan
She moaned and cried out in pain.
3.) [I] [i]literary
if the wind moans, it makes a long low sound
They could hear the wind moaning in the trees.
>moaner n BrE
Dad's a gloomy old moaner.
moan 2
moan2 n
[Date: 1100-1200; Origin: From an unrecorded Old English man]
1.) a long low sound expressing pain, unhappiness, or sexual pleasure
moan of
There was a moan of pain from the injured man.
She gave a little moan of pleasure.
a low moan
2.) have a moan (about sth)
BrE informal to complain about something
We were just having a moan about work.
3.) literary a low sound made by the wind

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